1. Sobriety Remixes
    Brooklyn Shanti x Circe Muse

  2. DI$KO ft. Bappi Lahiri
    Bappi Lahiri & Brooklyn Shanti

  3. Himalayan Houdini (Cliquebeit remix)
    Brooklyn Shanti ft. Deejay Chilly, Dusty Barksdale

  4. Bengali Inna di Dance (Lucky 21 remix)
    Vayu & Brooklyn Shanti

  5. Rim Banna
    Brooklyn Shanti & The Spy from Cairo

  6. Lucky Number Twenty One (LP)

  7. Lost Reflections
    Brooklyn Shanti ft. Pad Thai Soundsystem, joesjoint

  8. Lucky Number 21
    Brooklyn Shanti & Genius Mistakes

  9. Thunder in the Mist ft. Nina Doll

  10. Closure
    Love from the Heart, Brooklyn Shanti

  11. Lovecraft
    Love from the Heart, Brooklyn Shanti

  12. Witching Hour
    Love from the Heart, Brooklyn Shanti

  13. Save the Last Dance
    Love from the Heart, Brooklyn Shanti

  14. Wishing for Someone
    Love from the Heart, Brooklyn Shanti

  15. Allap

  16. Positive Momentum (LP)

  17. Vidya

  18. Dim My Light (Remix)
    Big Ting x Brooklyn Shanti ft. jason chu, William Aston

  19. Yajna

  20. Last of the Innocents

  21. Everybody Know Nuh Bean
    Love from the Heart, Brooklyn Shanti

  22. Intersection

  23. Everything That We Did

  24. Little Mantras

  25. Ain't My Hand

  26. Ek Din
    Asi Asi x Brooklyn Shanti

  27. Lose My Head

  28. Netaji

  29. Next Verse
    Brooklyn Shanti ft. Peagreen Voxwagun

  30. Storm Before the Calm (LP)

  31. Reckless
    Brooklyn Shanti ft Circe Muse

  32. Okay Now
    Brooklyn Shanti ft.Circe Muse

  33. Nobody Guards

  34. Daydream

  35. Ripped Rubin

  36. Brother Shanti
    Brooklyn Shanti ft. Geechi Suede of Camp Lo

  37. All Out Together
    Meddafore ft. Pad Thai Soundystem

  38. Deshlai
    Big Ting ft. Pad Thai Soundsystem & Somiwankenobi

  39. Queen Things

  40. Baby Mama Day
    Meddafore ft. Shannon Swain & Brooklyn Shanti

  41. Oppenheimer's Moksha

  42. Nobody's Prepared
    Brooklyn Shanti ft. Miguel Sanchez

  43. Yoga Trap

  44. Snow Dance Dembow
    Brooklyn Shanti ft. Vanessa Beatriz

  45. Obak
    Brooklyn Shanti ft. Vayu

  46. Denial
    Brooklyn Shanti ft. Vishal Kanwar & Genius Mistakes

  47. Deepfake Love
    Brooklyn Shanti ft. Nuh Bean & Kid Graavity

  48. Bam Bam
    Brooklyn Shanti ft. Mou Sultana

  49. Italian Water Money (Cliquebeit Remix)
    jason chu x Brooklyn Shanti

  50. La Crisis (instrumentals)

  51. Ai Mon Tomake Dilam ft. Tanjina Islam & Broso

  52. Billboard Contender Volume 1

  53. Dancing with a Stranger (Brooklyn Shanti Moombahton remix)
    Sam Smith x Normani

  54. Sunflower (Brooklyn Shanti remix)
    Post Malone x Swae Lee

  55. lovely (Brooklyn Shanti remix)
    Bilie Eilish x Khalid

  56. Missed America (Reimagined)

  57. Missed America (La Crisis)

  58. Blade Runners
    Brooklyn Shanti ft. Vayu, Tanjina Islam & DJ Lokash

  59. Kimchi Tacos (EP)
    Brooklyn Shanti x jason chu

  60. See
    Brooklyn Shanti & Marc Lagattuta

  61. Brown Beatles

  62. Bengali Boys
    Brooklyn Shanti presents Basmati Brothers

  63. Guadeloupe ft. Aris

  64. Church
    Brooklyn Shanti ft. E.L. Copeland & Douglas Kallmeyer

  65. Without You [Brooklyn Shanti edit]
    Basmati Brothers x The Writers Block

  66. Till The Sun Comes Up
    Allooka Elle x Gavin James

  67. Till My Tape Pop
    Biggie Smalls x Brooklyn Shanti

  68. The Vodka Diary

  69. Backspace
    Brooklyn Shanti & Kid Graavity

  70. Bedstuyle Remixed

  71. Mumtaz
    Brooklyn Shanti & Mr. Jennings

  72. Lean On (Brooklyn Shanti Remix)
    Major Lazer x DJ Snake ft. MØ & Brooklyn Shanti

  73. Johto Kotha (EP)
    Brooklyn Shanti ft. Thomas Blondet

  74. A Great Day (EP)
    Brooklyn Shanti ft. TinaKristina, Thomas Blondet & Bajah

  75. Bedstuyle (Deluxe)

  76. Beautiful (the EP)

  77. I *heart* Olivia Munn

  78. Natural Born Killer (Kling Klang Riddim)
    Brooklyn Shanti & Dani Mari

  79. Moner Alo ft Anoura
    (prod. Chief Boima & Oro11)

  80. Moner Alo ft. Anoura (Dub Sharma remix)

  81. Rani Rani
    Brooklyn Shanti x Thornato

  82. Departure Lounges / Girlfriend Experience
    Brooklyn Shanti x Man Mantis

  83. #poppington

  84. Attack of the Flow!

  85. Rawkus Records Presents the1shanti

  86. It's Alright
    Brooklyn Shanti, Imogen Heap, Gnotes

  87. Keep it Steady
    Drop it Steady

  88. All I Need

  89. India Bambaataa

  90. Blaxploitation

  91. The Spice
    Func Spec


Brooklyn Shanti Brooklyn, New York

Award winning artist/producer. Someplace Called Brooklyn label founder.

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