Brooklyn Circa 2012

by Brooklyn Shanti

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Brooklyn Circa 2012 was assembled in a manner which Nabin calls, "My best effort to exert Ginsberg's 'first thought/best thought' philosophy."

Blood. Sweat. Tears. Heartbreak. Old lovers. Old English. New friends. New York. Aliens. Cops. Robbers. Cowboys. Indians. Spread love. It's the Brooklyn x Bombay way.



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Brooklyn Shanti Brooklyn, New York

Brookyln Shanti is the platform of the Bengali-origin, emcee, producer, composer and DJ, Nabin (aka the1shanti), for formulating, executive producing and releasing music and any form of art. Nabin has a strong Hip Hop orientation and is constantly trying to push the boundaries of self-expression while trying to introduce Bengali culture to the global audience. ... more

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Track Name: House of Balloons / Glass Table Girls The Weeknd Remix

I'm slow burn long term
Kinda man that ya heart earn
Here's the important part, learn
Thought you was the one, thought it was our turn
Princess, shattering the glass slipper
Trash talking insecure wrong note hitter
We ain't something I'll regret
Won't let myself get depressed
So put away the kleenex
Wish ya love from whomever you see next
Put it all behind me, can see now
I wasn't your man, I was the rebound
Did everything, gave to no limit
Gave until it hurt from being empty
Jealousy, thinking other girls tempt me
I'm too young for that - I'm either all or nothing


I got so much love
Hearts open all around the world
I'm like a vessel for the love
I was just a boy, yeah you was my girl
Don't know how you forgot it
You defined everything erotic
Need a friend, you was my best one
broken mirror, seeing the reflection
If you got a loved one -
never doubt, don't go in that direction
You been hurt, I been hurt too
You hurt me, but I can't hurt truth
Nobody is the winner
Nothing's gonna clear this
No chance to begin again
You won't even hear this
Track Name: False Prophets
It ain't as bad as it all seems no matter what
don't sweat the small things, so batter up

None of life's upper cuts can cut up on my feelings
No deal or deal, this ain't business we dealing

Reeling from the things that this kid done walked through
Asking would you have done shit i had to do

What if it were you that had no job
no prospects or faith, left to rob

society sayin that you locked out
ain't even a hope of punching a clock now

what if it were you that couldn't back down
sayin it ain't good enough dealin the crack route

We go through a lotta things and the loneliness says
it ain't just a feelin trapped in your head

locked in your room and strapped to ya bed
wishing things were different, wishing that you was dead


these companies telling me i gotta have more
more of everything i can't afford

more so that life don't get me bored
i'm a little tyler durden, time to settle the score

get off it, following false prophets
just as addictive as doin narcotics

i'm off it rubber room politician
switch your perspective like a magicians

slight of hand, never over here
only try to keep things clever for ya ear

every night when celebrity is near
i duck out the back only fearing fear

instead of being famous, i'll remain nameless
as long as the world can maintain changes

it's never about how much you posess
it's about the people held close to ya chest

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